Choice Advisors Texas

Welcome to a website dedicated to Choice Advisors in Texas. If you’re in need of municipal advisors in the Lone Star State, Choice Advisors is the clear choice for any nonprofit organization. Choice Advisors in Texas has a full team of experienced experts who specialize in evaluating all possible financing options for nonprofits looking to streamline their business. The team at Choice Advisors Texas always takes the time to learn the details of their client’s desired mission, so they can effectively research all viable financing options.

A lot of competitors of Choice Advisors of Texas have a business relationship with either a lender or a financer. Choice Advisors of Texas is completely independent of either. By refusing to sell or underwrite bonds, loans or swaps, the company fully commits to the best interest of their clients. No interest is earned from loans or bonds, so there’s no incentive to do anything than what is in the best interest of their clients.

The team assembled at Choice Advisors of Texas has a wide range of experience in the industry. People in prominent roles within the organization have years of experience as municipal advisors, lenders, investment bankers and successful investors. Nonprofits are looking for as much security as possible when selecting a municipal advisor. It comes down to eliminating risk. Trusting a firm that has a staff of employees who have invested billions of dollars on behalf of nonprofits is a great way to reduce risk and maximize opportunity.

Any nonprofit looking for assistance in identifying a financial solution would be wise to trust Choice Advisors of Texas. Founded by Paula Permenter, the organization was built to help nonprofits through experience and knowledge. The advisors are deeply educated in tax-exempt and taxable bonds, USDA loans, moral obligation bonds, bank loans, private placements, new market tax credits and so much more.

The blog on this site will be updated regularly to not only share news on the latest ongoings at Choice Advisors of Texas, but also shed light on some of the most common questions nonprofits have while researching different financial solutions. Sometimes, there’s multiple ways that can successfully achieve the goal, but which one is optimal? Trust Choice Advisors of Texas to explain.